Sustainability At FlagsDirect

At FlagsDirect, we combine lean manufacturing and sustainable materials in our production to reduce our carbon footprint. These baby steps are our first effort to achieve a clean and green Singapore. More initiatives will be rolled in while we aim to be carbon-neutral by 2030.

Our Green Actions

Elimination of single-packaging

Cutting plastic usage in our supply chain

Single-packaging accounts for over 80% of plastic-use from manufacturing to end-consumer fulfilment. At FlagsDirect, we reduce single-packaging where possible and consolidate them into a single larger eco-friendly packaging. We have successfully reduced over 300kg of plastics from production to your hands.

WasteLess manufacturing

Intelligent material usage

At production level, advance stock planning and modern manufacturing techniques allow for less use of resources. Ink wastage is minimised with the help of digital printing compared to the older spot-colour printing. Buntings are resized to 80cm to reduce material wastage by 40%.

Longevity with appropriate material

Replacing wooden poles with Never-Rot PVC poles

Instead of aggressive elimination of plastic, we believe that it is important to deploy the use of plastic where possible. Our Never-Rot PVC pole that is supplied with every piece of vertical banner has a far longer longevity than traditional wooden poles upon exposure to the elements. Expect to replace the banners while keeping the poles.